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1 January
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About me
I am a 20 year old girl. I'm currently in college, which is why I haven't been on this site very frequently. I love graphic design, playing guitar, writing, and making icons. Besides all this, I'm newly found Harry Potter fan and I big Narnia, Pride&Prejudice, and LOTR fan. My journal is dedicated to me and my graphics for my fandoms.
Harry Potter, Shia Labeouf, Pride&Prejudice(or anything Jane Austen), Lotr, Narnia, and Star Wars.

If you plan on using my icons there are a few rules that need to be followed.

-Please credit me - it's very important you do this.

-Please comment on my icon posts - I just like to know when people are using my stuff.

-Do not hotlink any of my icons!

-Any and all textless icons are not bases unless said so otherwise.

-Enjoy them!!!

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